"DaNa". The pronunciation sounds lovely. The spelling is a bit confusing tho.

OFF TOPIC: Haha... I have a cousin named Herneth (pronounced Her-net). It is a combination of Hermie and Bernadette, her parents names. I know... I know, it makes no sense to me either. Crazy Filipino folks. Luckily she is a lovely young lady. When people ask why her name is Herneth, I just tell them, "I dunno... she's from Jersey". And people usually say, "OOhhhhh!", as if that explains it all.

PS. Herneth's brothers are named Herold, Herbert, and Hernard. In my opinion, my Uncle Hermie is very vain to allow his children to experience the heart ache that comes along with unusual names just so to name his kids after him.

I have more crazy stories about names like this. I have a cousin named Bonheart! If you wanna know why... just ask.