My hair is highlighted, so it needs some moisture, but if it gets anywhere near my roots, I'm doomed to having a flat hair day
This is a catch-22 for me . I SO need the volume but if I don't put a leave-in on, I end up with frizzy hair up top because of having to mess with it after it's dry.

Susan - you are pretty and have such pretty hair!
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Oh no, don't mess with it when it is dry with your hands. Just spray it and use a microfiber towel to scrunch it. My hair is a frizzy mess when my hands get anywhere near my dry hair Right before it is dry I add a little Awe spray and scrunch with the towel. It really help my hair w/ volume and curl definition.

What do you use for a leave-in? Some can make my hair flat. EMB does not weigh my hair down at all.

And ITA about your Susan comment!

ETA: look below I have pictures now too