The honey rinse suggested on the Jesssicurl site is fantastic. I am getting more curls and less frizz with it. I mix about 2 TBS. of honey in a large cup (16 oz. ) of water and pour over my head after using HCC. I let it sit on my hair while I do other shower stuff and then use Too Shea. I comb the Too Shea through and then rinse it off. Just one good rinse after the cond. My hair has been much better. Nice natural way to add moisture.

I generally add some to my DT once a week.

I have also tried adding a very small drop to gel and Boots. Works well but be careful. A little goes a long way! I prefer the rinse. It's pretty foolproof.
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I do the same exact thing. I prefer the rinse over adding honey to product; and, I also add some to my DT once a week.