Just when I was gonna cut GP some slack...arrrggghhhhh
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You know...

My brother is buying a house with his GF. They aren't married, and I will be damned if I didn't get a ration of &%$@#! when my hubby and I were talking about living together before marriage, let alone buying a house, BUT, ANYWAYS...
When we did buy our house, my dad was pretty admant about getting a home inspection and doing it RIGHT.

Bro. goes and signs papers on this house WITHOUT a home inspection. he was TOO CHEAP to pay for it, and he actually told my husband that he didn't want to fork over the $300 for one. Okay, so $300 is going to be pretty cheap when your roof is leaking and the inspection would have found it and the seller would have had to fix it for you.


I guess it will be a "live and learn" situation for him, but not when mommy and daddy have to fork out $$$ to fix his house.
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I feel kind of sorry for his girlfriend....
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Why is that?

Obviously, she's with him and knows what she's getting into. She's a grown up, too.
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Yea, I agree. I've stopped feeling sorry for my friends who know the facts and get into it any way. But I know what she means.