Beautiful! Kimberly, how do you get that lift at the roots?!
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Thank you. I know I have a long way to go, but, I only started a month ago so I am proud of myself

To get lift I:

Rinse conditioner and honey rinse out upside down

Leave my hair upside down while applying product and scrunch hair per Jessicurl's website. I then diffuse my roots on cool setting for about 2 minutes. I think getting the water weight out REALLY helps with lift.

Let hair airdry and then apply a little B&A gel and scrunch with a towel and flip to whatever side looks the best. When I get to work my hair is relatively dry. I spray a little Awe spray on and scrunch with the small microfiber towel in my purse and I am done.

I use no duck bills or clips (I get dents) and no hairspray.

Honestly, I think I can give most of the credit to those darn baby hairs I have complained about all my life in the front of my hair. Now that I am accepting my curls they kind of work