You know, I am beginning to think I am a weird wavy girl. Am I the only one whose hair loves condioners of any kind all the time Have I destroyed my hair that much in recent straightening/highlighting years?
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You're not alone!! My hair is actually pretty healthy since I stopped torturing it, but it's extremely porous and just drinks up as much moisture as I can give it. Now that it's summer and very hot & humid here, I've changed my routine & stopped using gels in favor of products that add moisture.

Currently, I shampoo roughly every 3 days or so either with Jessicurl's HCC or Giovanni's 50:50 shampoo or Giovanni's Smooth as Silk conditioner (whatever seems right that day). I usually condition with Jessicurl's TooShea! in the shower & rinse most but not all of it out. After showering I blot most of the moisture out with a regular towel, then take about a pea-sized amount of Elucence MBC, smooth it in my hands & rake it throughout the length of my hair. Last step is to smooth a small amount of Kinky-Curly Curling Custard through the length of my hair, then let it either air-dry or blow dry on low speed / low heat if I'm in a hurry.

This combination seems to be exactly what my hair needs right now -- I get soft, shiny, touchable, fairly frizz-free waves -- and best of all, the results are very consistent.

Glad we have a 2b gathering place!!