Just when I was gonna cut GP some slack...arrrggghhhhh
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You know...

My brother is buying a house with his GF. They aren't married, and I will be damned if I didn't get a ration of &%$@#! when my hubby and I were talking about living together before marriage, let alone buying a house, BUT, ANYWAYS...
When we did buy our house, my dad was pretty admant about getting a home inspection and doing it RIGHT.

Bro. goes and signs papers on this house WITHOUT a home inspection. he was TOO CHEAP to pay for it, and he actually told my husband that he didn't want to fork over the $300 for one. Okay, so $300 is going to be pretty cheap when your roof is leaking and the inspection would have found it and the seller would have had to fix it for you.


I guess it will be a "live and learn" situation for him, but not when mommy and daddy have to fork out $$$ to fix his house.
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I feel kind of sorry for his girlfriend....
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Why is that?

Obviously, she's with him and knows what she's getting into. She's a grown up, too.
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Yea, I agree. I've stopped feeling sorry for my friends who know the facts and get into it any way. But I know what she means.
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Well, I still don't know what she means. So, why would you feel bad for my brother's GF? She's an adult. She's been dating him for a few years. She's aware of what's going on, etc. She doesn't make as much $$$ as him, so parhaps she's just using him to get her credit back on track and all of that? Maybe we should feel sorry for him for having a GF that's just using him to get back on her feet?

I guess I don't have much pity for people who KNOW what they are getting themselves into, and have the ability and the choices to say NO. She knows how he gets treated by the family, she knows that they are making these financial choices together, etc. It would be like me complaining about some of my husband's past choices; I have known about them all along, and married him anyways, so don't feel sorry for me. I am in my own bed because I made it that way.

I also told her to not wait around and put her life on hold for someone who might or might not want to marry her someday. She has a "timeline" of when she'd like things to happen for her; kids, etc...and if he doesn't fit that timeline, then she shouldn't wait around.