This is what I did.....I would scoop out about a nickle size amount of the DT and while it was in my hand I would add about a pea size amount of jojoba oil. I then rubed my hands together and applied it to my hair.

I section my hair shingling style when i DT. So the first section is at the nape and I work my way up to the crown. So the nickle and pea size amounts gets applied to each section. I might add more stuff to the canopy since it's really troll looking hair there.

When I was done applying the DT I put a platic cap on and sat under my hooded dryer for 30 minutes. I then rinsed it all out. That day I put in a little leave in conditioner but my hair doesn't seem to like anything left in it.

My hair didn't feel oily at all, it felt hydrated and shiny. Hope my explanation is clear.
Originally Posted by shrinkster30
Yes, thanks that was very clear!

I may have to adjust that because I use a lot
of DT about 1-2 oz. So, I'll that ratio in mind
when I do my DT this week!

Thanks again!
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