Hello everyone, its been a while since i been around here. Well Im having a hair panic attack tonight. Earlier today i was in the drug store trying to find something to help my super dry, broken sad looking curls/waves. Well my godfather who is a stylist walks up and grabs my hair and told me its pretty damaged and if i ever want it to look good again its got to get cut off, and when i asked how much, he went all the way up to my hair band . I have been doing the ponytail thing for like 5 years now, i know I know, thats bad. So now my hair is really damaged and I dont want to cut it cause I dont have a head shape for short hair.

My latest hair care includes washing every few days with sauve mango & peach, condition with dove, and only comb when it has conditioner on it. And I use garnier fructis smoothing milk to get the hair all together before I gel it with garnier wet shine gel. In between shampoos i just rinse and condition. When i first started doing this, my hair looked great and felt soft, now its dull and hard. I tried switching back to just suave mousse to give it a break but my hair laughs at that stuff now. So if you have any ideas that can help my poor hair, please send my way. My mothers answer "relaxer and chop it", and no way i will ever do that again.
Natural 3b/c hair with an attitude from hell. Hair is just as confused at my racial background, mom is black/syrian, pop is trini/native amer/chinese. Currently trapped in ponytail land, and I want out!