I'm chanting 'B&A' along with Meghan.

I couldn't stand Gelee and actually used it for quite a while. I used to use it and it was the whole reason I was put off from using gels for such a long time. It made my hair crunchy, producty, and dry. Plus I didn't like the scent.

As for Weightless, I have about a 3/4 bottle full and I just hardly ever use it. It give lots of body and tighter curls, but it was too crunchy and stiff usually. I keep thinking I'll sneak it back into trial one of these days, but I guess I figure I have enough good reliable products already that I don't want to mess up the routine. But maybe I should try miacurl's suggestion with the cream. Last time I used it in combination with a cream though, I got tapioca results.
3a/2c f/mii. pics added 2/3/07