I use aloe as hair gel, but I also have itchy scalp. So I have done the CG recipe of rubbing aloe onto scalp before bed, instead of oiling, a few times (oiling was a mess! My hair isn't that dry!) That gives you big hair! Lots of lift at the roots! Well last night, I also spritzed hair with 1/3 jojoba & 2/3 water. This morning I had second day hair! Got up at 4:45 to shampoo my hair (need to leave at 6:15), but still had lots of body and curl so I skipped it. This is worth a try. Relatively cheap and easy. You can use the jojoba for lots of things--also supposed to be good for mixing in conditioner, like Suave Milk & Honey. I think my hair likes it. It's one of the lightest oils and made my hair shine
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Sounds great! Duly noted and added to my list of things to do