Edited to add a question about a wedding hairstyle - please scroll down to post #8!

I mainly post on the non-hair board, but lately my hair has been acting up so I've been lurking here, too. Over the past few years, my hair has been getting less curly, due to a variety of factors. Lately, it had been refusing to hold a curl for more than a few hours - it'd start out looking nice and then devolve throughout the day into a poofy, half-wavy, half-frizzy mess.

So I went to a new stylist yesterday and she suggested cutting long layers into my hair and doing a little "texturizing" to take out some of the bulk. I was a little wary, but it turned out great. The general shape of my cut is the same as when I went in, but it's curlier than it's been in months, and it's stayed curly all day. It also feels about half as thick as it was before the cut, which is kind of nice for muggy summer weather.