OK hers might be a little orangey. Check out my highlights album (pw in sig line): http://public.fotki.com/curlilocks/curlilocks_quest/

I think our complexions are similar, and I have had caramel and auburn-ish highlights. If you want more drama than mine, go a little lighter or chunkier. I did mine very thin. These are ones the salon did--too orange for me:
Ok now I know what you mean.I liked the highlights you did in the salon,they are more orangish but for some reason they looked nice,not the way Yasmine's looked.Maybe because yours are thinner?

However I've always done the natural highlights and always preffered the natural,simple,somewhat boring look,and this is the first time I'm thinking about doing something crazy.I would usually go ahead and what I like but as I mentioned earlier I had many blonde highlights done and they look terrible,and now I have no idea how to do the unnatural,chunky blonde highlights in a way that would look ok.I'm trying to find a picture to show the blonde highlights I have now so you would get an idea...

Nothing hotter than a chick with light color hair upstairs and dark downstairs.

This is actually the color I'm thinking of

You can try different colors here.

I registered but its not opening To say the truth,I've tried doing this by Loreal and I looked hideous as a blonde :P