Ana told me that she wets her hair every morning (she goes to the gym) and uses Devacurl OC only to style. I am not sure, but I am almost certain that she uses No Poo to wash. I can ask her if you want. I have to go back for highlights soon.
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Thanks! That would be awesome! And, I would love to be close so I could have her do my hair...if you get a chance to ask her, that would be awesome! I am trying to grow my hair out, and her hair is so long, she must be doing something right..I know that comes from the inside out, but a good routine would help too!
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Well, I went to Devachan today to have my highlights done. I asked my colorist if Ana wasn't that busy I would like to speak to her when she gets a chance. Sadly, she wasn't there today. She took the day off to help a friend with an art show. However, Ezy was able to help me.
Ana still uses the same routine that she told me back in December. No poo once in a while, OC and sometimes AnGell. Ezy said that she likes to keep it very basic and simple. Sometimes she just uses OC and leaves most of it in.
Oh and she also does Pintura highlights! HTH
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"Wonder Twin Powers, Activate! "