I started the thread about what was the longest anyone has gone without a haircut - for me, right now, it's 4 months exactly, and I'm really hoping to go a minimum of 2-3 months more before even a little trim. My last haircut was too short for my liking, and I'd like to have lots longer hair. Even better if I could go a whole year. The only thing I've done is to trim my bangs once, but they are due for another trim soon(keeping my bangs as I look good in them). No, I'm not letting my bangs grow out - that's even more painful and slow than growing out the rest of the hair to a longer length, because there are months and months of what was bangs either looking horrible or you just cannot do anything with that section of hair! Another reason for going much longer between haircuts then I don't have to feel bad about spending as much as $55 plus tip for a cut.(I was paying $20 in Santa Fe where I lived for a long time up until late last year). Right now, my hair doesn't even look like I've gone 4 months without cutting it - the shape is still good. I'll likely go back to the same haircutter, but it will be so much longer that I will not have it cut so short. The back part of my hair is just above shoulder length, and I'd love to have another 8 inches on it, at least, so it's going to take awhile. I have longish layers throughout my hair, with shorter pieces around the front, so this should look OK as it all grows longer.