I think No-Poo is a bit cleansing for my hair. I really like it. I did an experiment with it once, using only it and no condish. I know it's not too emollient for me as a conditioner wash, because my hair became dry and bristly after some time. Also, it brought my hair back from being overconditioned once, like an ACV would - same results.

I need more cleansing, my hair isn't that dry. I get overconditioned easily.

Therefore, I use No-Poo on my hair and scalp probably quite often. I sort of rotate, No-Poo, just a scalp massage and rinse, No-Poo again, etc. Once a week or so I use shampoo. So it winds up that I'm using No-Poo a few times a week. As I said, I love it. My scalp and hair respond beautifully to it.

If it works for you/your hair, keep doin' it!

coarse, thick 3a
modified cg