When I went curly, everyone thought I'd gotten a perm. After a certain point everyone I knew had seen it and knew it was natural. Then I started getting: "What do you do differently?" At which point I'd have to explain about CG and they'd get a weird look on their faces and drop the subject.

I have gotten one or two "Your hair's frizzy today"s, but most of the people I've talked to have been complimentary. It's really a confidence booster. I've been in China the last 4 months, and here everyone (with naturally straight hair) is getting perms - I actually had someone ask "How much did it cost to get your hair done?" :P

It helps, though, that I'm living with my half-AfricanAmerican cousin, who doesn't shampoo or brush either and so we play with conditioners and techniques together - although her hair is much curlier than mine, it helps to talk to someone else with curls (my mom's stick straight).
Proudly CG since 8/10/06 - the story of my hair!
Type: 3a/b, very thick
Length: almost BSL wet
Products: Suave coconut conditioner, coconut oil, Totally Twisted gel

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