I never got picked till Junior High, I have no idea why but I decided to chop all my hair off to this really short boy cut, MAJOR Frizz!!! I swear it looked good on the model in the picture. I went to my first day of school and this guy I didnt even know from the class next to me just started calling me "Tumbleweed" the whole school year as if I wasnt insecure enough with a new hair cut and new school. Then I would go to the girls bathroom and the girls would just look at me puzzled while I was washing my hands and ask "Are you a boy?" Trying to hold back tears I would say no. Although thinking about it now I can understand why, did I mention I had these huge catipillars for eyebrows. Oh then when my hair had grown out to my shoulders this guy on my school bus commented "Are you wearing a wig?" Then proceded to tug on my hair. :x The summer before I got into high school I got some pointers from my older sister on how to care for my hair which made a substantual diffrence Oh and I plucked my brows LOL! Needless to say I didnt get picked on anymore and everyone actually wanted my hair.