I lost my haircolor virginity almost 20 years ago. I'm 44. Out of necessity to cover gray (inherited premature gray from dad), I started with Clairol's Beautiful Brown (temp, wash out), went to Loreal Castings and Natural Instincts. I got tired of the fading and brassy color I got from those peroxide colors, so I switched to Color by Robert Craig over 15 yrs ago. I'll never switch again!

I have changed RC Colors over the years, going from #5 Coffee Brown to #7 Golden Chestnut for several years. As I'm getting more gray (now about 30-40% mostly in the crown), I've found I need a new color (grays were going bright red). Now I use a 1/2 & 1/2 mix of #8 Light Chestnut and #15 Golden Beige Blonde.
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curlilocks is awesome--so helpful--my color mentor. i started coloring in 2002 when my gray was coming in and the hair around it was dingy and flat looking. my hairdresser made me blonde and i got it colored back brown the next day. now i use robt craig golden blonde #18 which gives me a medium golden brown. i am noticing tho that the grays are blonde which might provide me with highlights! it looks fairly natural so until my face gets too disgustingly wrinkled to have golden brown hair i will keep coloring, when the time comes i will let it go gray and cut it short. not yet tho--i want waist length curls for my 40th high school reunion this august
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3b going gray, not thick, waist length when wet, a bit below shoulders when dry
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HG: suave and honey for co-wash, deva, i use garnier fructis regular CO's or boots pink or white as leave ins and LA looks sport gel. plop w microfiber turban, then curl towel scrunch, then another turban.i sleep with the turban on. little one minute hair styling videos http://www.youtube.com/user/lazycurls