Well, I had my cut yesterday by a deva trained stylist. First I have to say - boy did I have hair envy!! She has the most beautiful curls and she is too darn cute! Oh well, to be in my mid 20s again (sigh). Back to the haircut. She had already seen my hair at the consultation but she did ask me to think about what I wanted done. I really just wanted a trim - I am trying to grow it about another 2 inches just to see if length works better or not. What used to be my bangs are about 2 inches then the rest of my hair on the side and fronts but not much she could do about that. She just trimmed certain curls all over - it was interesting to watch her pick out a curl - separate it from others and trim it. Because I have such thin hair there was no drastic cutting. After that was done - she just conditioned my hair (I had washed with a no sulfate poo on Monday). She scrunched me a bit with paper towels and then put in some B'leavin and Angell. Scrunched me some more upside down and then some right side up. Then she diffused me upside down for a bit and then some more upright. (she wanted to reproduce my routine as closely as possible). She did trim a couple of more curls after that.

I could tell my hair was definitely more springy. It was not quite dry when she crunched the product out so I got a bit of fluff. Today is the real test and so far it definitely looks much better. I have poo'd without sulfates and conditioned and plopped and diffused a bit - I cannot wait to scrunch the crunch out but I can tell the sides are much better and around my face too!
Central Massachusetts

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