I haven't heard of the CON- where do you get it?
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CoN- Creme of Nature. Bought at Wal Mart for a couple bucks!!! The sulfate free one is a white bottle with a red cap and lettering.
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Yup, it's fopund at many stores in the "ethnic" hair section. The only problem with CON is that it only contains decyl polyglucose (no coco betaine) so it's VERY mild.
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Bailey, can you elaborate. Does that mean it's just a step above washing with just condish? Wouldn't that be a good thing? Are you saying it's too mild?
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Yes, it's comparable to washing with conditioner, but it does lather. I guess this is good if you are CG. If you're trying to get out any cone build-up though, you will probably need something with at least coco betaine in it.
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