Nice hair Amneris!
It is hard to believe you have a texturizer. I don't see straight ends anywhere.
I am back to hating my hair this week. I am this close to relaxing it again.
Originally Posted by MelisaandAndrew
I have never got straight ends from a relaxer. I get bigger curls but my hair doesn't go straight - even with regular relaxer it was still very wavy and then had to be blow dried to get the smooth look. Apparently this is normal for my type of hair, and I also have so much of it that the inside and underneath parts never seem to get as much of the chemicals.

I have times like that too when I hate my hair and want to make that appointment - especially with this hot weather when my hair is starting to feel so heavy - the texturizer always made it seem so nice and light. But I can tell how happy my hair is that we passed the 3-month touchup mark - as soon as that came and went with no texturizer it began growing like a weed and getting so thick. I went 7 months this winter and the same thing happened. I am sure your hair is so much healthier even if it doesn't seem that way right now.
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