Oh My Gosh you girls!!!! You may just have saved my daughter from a lifetime of itchyness and flaking, for a long time now she has had this grosse thick waxy crust thing going on, on her head, not all over but in patches but more noticeable near the front on top of her forehead, it looks so much like cradle cap!! I thought maybe she wasnt washing the shampoo out of her hair properly so when i did it i gave it a thorough going over to no avail. i bought a head massager and tried that to loosen the flakes and crusts, it did ok but after a couple of days it was back to normal, reading these posts it seems that i need to get nizoral shampoo and try her with that, if not then i will definatly get her to the docs.
Although i must admit that i have just warmed some olive oil and put that on her scalp!!! well i thought it was cradle cap!!
Thank you ladies!!
:P Back to Ebay!! :P :P
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