That is fine by me, I will alter my above post if I receive your package.

BTW, you DID NOT just now open my PM's, they have been gone from my outbox for ages. I knew as soon as you opened them. As a matter of fact I was online at the same time you were & waited to see if you would reply, but you did not. Others will know what it means that the PM's have been gone from my outbox, it means that they were read by you long before now.

If you were going to be away, it would have been appropriate for you to let people now, especially when they are expecting to get a package from you. What did you imagine I was going to think??
Originally Posted by skywatcher
First of all, I do not acknowledge people when they stoop to calling me a liar. I received your PM and responded accordingly. I am not faulting you for what you think. I was not on vacation. I had an emergency with my father. Your belief or disbelief of that will not cause me to lose any sleep. When I sent your package and left, I was not anticipating it coming back to me so I had no reason to contact you. I, however, did NOT read your PMs. My soror, who was staying at our house, used my computer and very well may have done so. I do not know and did not think to ask. I have received and sent PMs so I know how it works, I do not need confirmation from anyone else. All I can tell you is when I read them. Since you want to continue to attack me, I believe you know how this is going to end. Peace
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