I'm having one of those days ladies... I SWEAR I just posted a lengthy reply, but I must have closed my browser without hitting submit <sigh>. Lemme try this again:

Curltopia, I finally went, but I must live in the wrong part of the country. My TJ's doesn't have the Soy Milk (hadn't heard of it).

Rainyday, I picked up the DE Jojoba (my daughter's hair loves this oil!). I was hoping they would have Coconut, but they didn't. You're right though, large selection of oils in the cooking section.

As far as the TJ's products I've tried, here's my review so far:

* TJ's Nourish Spa Shampoo - Even though it has a gentler sulfate than Giovanni's, it still left our hair feeling stripped. My daughter's hair was a tangled mess.

**** TJ's Nourish Spa Conditioner - Saved us from a hair disaster. Was particularly moisturizing on my daughter. Especially nice with a few drops of honey added (per rainyday, thx!)

** TJ's Refresh Citrus Conditioner - Used this on my daughter only since her hair LOVES fruit extracts. However, this one seemed to zap the moisture right out. The longer we left it on, the drier and harder her hair became. Not sure exactly what ingredient was to blame, but surprised me since it also has jojoba, a really good oil for her. Could have been a PH thing. Not giving it a complete thumbs down, as it may be a good clarifier for another hair type.
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