Wow! lol
I am not fighting with you and for you to get on my level would be going uphill not down sweetheart.
I see that you're really good at the whole jumping to conclusions thing. I never said that I wasn't going to send you anything. Please do not send me any more nasty messages. I try to limit the amount of filth in my life. You have a problem but that is not for me to work out. I told you that I understand why you thought you had been gotten. I am not even asking you to take down your little recommendation. It doesn't stop my world from turning. You can keep your nasty and dishonest post up for as long as this site stands. I couldn't care less about what you think of me or anyone on here who believes these things about me. Keep your cliques and you internet friends. This site is not my life and while I have met some wonderful, kind and warm spirited people on here, I do not look to man for acceptance. I am a woman who keeps her word so I am standing by what I said but if it makes you feel like a woman to spread nastiness, then I will mention you in a prayer and leave it at that.
Peace and God bless.
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Me @ 6 mos. looking just like my son