I don't know how many of you are paying attention, but I've been posting here lately (I'm pretty much a brand spankin' newbie) and most of my posts have been asking questions about CG routine, products, etc. etc., and the other ones have been frustrations about my transition into no-'cone products.

But, drumroll please ... I have found a decent routine in just 2 days!!

This is what I did last night, and it worked wonderfully!

Herbal Essences Drama Clean 'poo to get out 'cones from old products I used.
Generic Brand (like Nexxus Humectress) co- didn't fully rinse it out.
Squeezed dripping water out of my hair.
Quarter-sized dollop of LA Looks Sports for whole head of hair, into soaking wet hair.
Quarter-sized dollop of Biotera Curl Creme.
Plopped for 20 minutes.
A little bit more LA Looks and Biotera.
Diffused to about 70% dry.
Clipped roots for some volume there.

I don't know if I'll ever have 100% frizz-free curlies, but it was pretty close!! My curls were very well-defined and no crunchies from the gel (which I was terribly afraid of)!!

I slept on it ... this morning I misted with water and put a tad bit of LA Looks and Biotera ... I looked damn good!

I welcome myself into CG living with a big bang and a smile!

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