I can't wait to get up tomorrow and shower to see if I can have a repeat great hair day!!

I don't get paid until next week, but when I do ... I'm going to try Curl Keeper to see if that helps cut down even more on my frizz!

I brought all of my random products to work today, to see if any of my lady coworkers wanted them (one girl has curly hair, too) and they looked at me kind of funny when I told them I was transitioning to a new hair routine ... rather than explain no 'cones and CG stuff, I just said I'm trying to go with products that are more natural ingredients 'cause it's better for my hair ...

and then for lunch I went to the natural foods store and got a fruit and yogurt smoothie ...

everyone was calling me a hippie today!

Thanks for the support ... you girls are so awesome!

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