I don't like gels!!! Are there any gels that don't make your hair super hard? I've tried different formulations but they all give me "super" hold. They give me that jheri-esque look as well. When people compliment me on my curl and tell me how much they miss theirs, it makes me wonder who ELSE thinks that I have a curl. My hair responds well to mousse but if I can find a gel that doesn't make my hair hard I will give it another try. I've been in PR for a few weeks and am longing to buy some new things!!!
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We've got to stop meeting like this Have you tried Smooth and shine curl activator gel. I used it pre BC and I have been using it now. It gives your hair a nice hold without the wet Jheri curl look. It won't be hard or sticky, but it may feel a little "filmy". Overall, I liked this product a lot!