I hope I am not guanoing this post if I ask you all what the difference between humectant and oils is. What is considered a humectant. So far I have tried coconut oil, olive oil, jojoba oil (I know, a wax) with no success. Just a frizzy mess. (hey, that rhymes!) I am trying to figure out which is best for my hair. Maybe I could try different oils, but I don't want to load up on oils, if my hair really needs humectants.

Also, I believe that in the kinky-curly site, she explains that oil helps to keep moisture in the hair and helps in a protective way to coat the hair but only when moisture is already present in the hair. If it isn't, then hair needs humectants, not oil. Is this right? What would consist of a humectant and what products contain them?

Sorry, if this was already discussed, but I would appreciate if someone would bump up any thread. I am having trouble with the search engine.
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This is my understanding:

Humectants are hydrating agents. They act as moisturizers by attracting water. They add moisture and softness but do not coat or weigh down the hair like most oils and waxes do.

Some hair (like mine) love humectants and can only take a little oils. Other people’s hair love oils. Then there are some hair types that love both humectants and oils. Some hair can take pure humectants like glycerin and others (like mine) need to have the humectants mixed with other products or it does not work.

Some examples or humectants are:
Vitamin E oil (like jojoba this is not really oil)
Propylene glycol

Humectants can be derived from vegetable oils (e.g., glycerin) or can be man made (e.g., Propylene glycol).

I am sure there are some articles or threads about this.........
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