Just a quick update on my daughters head.
Left the olive oil on her head and wrapped a warm towel on it, then she kept that on all night, next day washed it off with a little shampoo then loads of condish, when it dried I combed her hair thru and although all the flakes/waxy stuff have gone, I can still see patches of pink on her scalp which leads me to believe that the waxy stuff might come back, I'm going to buy a special shampoo and see if this helps her, if not then its a trip to the docs. But thanks again for helping me(in a roundabout kind of way) identify what it could be!!
Thick, 2C with little 3A's thrown in to make my hair look a little more wild.FIA:2c/3a-M
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Ultimate Goal: To go as long as possible
Products Used:coconut cowash, tescos own gel citrus spice whipped butter
Hair Length:BSL
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