I love to look at other people's hair for styling suggestions and inspiration. So, if you have a 3c celebrity or NC.com poster picture post it here.

Here are instructions if you need them (courtesy of Amneris, CurliTresses, and Cehua ):

Right click on the image and an address will pop up. Then click on "properties" after you right click the image. Copy and paste the url into your post.

Or if you do a Google image search then click on "view image" and cut and paste the url.

After pasting url into your NC.com post, highlight address and then click on Img. It should look like this but without the spaces between the url and img:

[img] http://www.wchstv.com/abc/wnn/alisonstewart.jpg [/img]

Check to make sure the image shows up by clicking on "preview."

Let the picture posting begin. :P
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