I wonder if you guys would consider distributing the Flexi-8 (www.flexi8.com)? It was once recommended by SuZen in an old thread and I see it has gotten some buzz on the Long Hair Community too. They are really pretty and sort of a different type of hair accessory that could be a great option for curlies. Of course I can order direct from their web site... but I would rather go through CurlMart and I would also love to see the inventor get some increased exposure for his product among nc.com visitors.

Back on CG (OK, I'm a little indecisive).
pw: curls
Currently using: Whole Foods 365 Herbal Mint Conditioner (co-wash), MOP Mixed Greens Conditioner, Paul Mitchell Lite Detangler, CK, ISO Bouncy Creme. Gave up on plopping due to tangles/"stickiness" and now I just comb through products and diffuse. It looks basically as good and dries a lot faster (I wasn't getting good clumps from plopping anyway). Still wish I were a lot curlier!