What are changes you've noticed since your TWA grew in length? What products can you not use anymore or have to start using because you have more hair? What techniques just don't work or did you have to start?

My hair is just above the shoulders and very thick and I'm getting tons of tangles. I feel like this was not happening when I had short hair. My routine is: 1. wash with conditioner (detangle with comb or brush) 2. apply leave-in 3. leave alone. What am I doing wrong?
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my hair is getting less and less curly. and ive found that i use less and less product now. i just put in some elucence or natures gate conditioner (usually nature's gate because ive been too poor to restock on elucence) and thats it.

maybe you should start using a heavier conditioner as a leave in. leave in conditoners are way too light for me to use solely as a leave in....