First of all, this is great to have our own forum. Now down to my post.

I'm doing an experiment on my hair to see if I can get rid of some of the dryness and soften it over time. I'm not using any style products. I wash it with CoN (today just Suave M&H) and then I condition and detangle it into 4 sections. I plait those sections and finish my shower. I rinse out my hair, sqeeze out the excess water, unplait, and apply a little more condish to each section (Suave M&H or CoN condish). I paddle brush the edges into a ponytail and that's it.

I've done this for about a week now and my hair is really pretty. The curls are great and my hair doesn't feel as dry. If I could, I'd like to kick the use of gel and maybe only use cream like styling products. I really think gel dries my hair out.

I know midnite curls said she doesn't use gel anymore and that she styles her hair with conditioner, but I don't think mine would turn out as great as her's.

Has anyone else ever attempted this or does this right now? I'm assuming it's a process to train your hair to behave without the use of gel or mousse, or whatever, and I'm willing to give it some time, but does anyone think I'm just wasting my time?
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i just use conditioner right now, no gel, no gelebration spray or confident coils. im actually surprised that my hair looks the same as when i used to use all that stuff (at least to me it does). i only use FOTE gel when i wear it up in a ponytail or something like that. when i use a brush, thats when i use gel. or else its fuzzy city. i dont believe i trained my hair knowingly, to behave without the use of styling products, i was just at home one day being lazy and only put in some conditioner. so go for it! if it works, then cool, if not, aloe vera gel isnt so bad.....