I tried going wavy yesterday for my son's graduation (used heat protector on top of straightening balm & blow dried on high without diffuser), but since my hair ended up too large & not cooperating how I wanted it to, I put it up in a high twisted loop with a barrette.

When I got home & changed back into comfortable clothes I put my hair into a French twist with a claw clip with the ends sticking out. When I took that out to put it into a high ponytail to sleep in, it had pretty much straightened on its own.

So this morning I used the flat iron to smooth out the kinks & I see the right side around cheekbone level is approximately 2-inches shorter than the left!!! And it looks like it was razored!!! And the back is thinned out to the extreme!!!

I guess I didn't notice such until now because I didn't wear my hair straight since the day of the cut & even then it had some curl put back in.

It's past time for me to find a decent stylist. I'll just have to make an expensive Deva stylist appointment & bite the bullet on the "lengthy" drive. *SIGH*