Which one is more curl enhancing? I've been using RR and really like it, but I go through it so quickly that I was wondering if I should switch to another product. Is Recoil sold in stores?
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It depends where you live. A:G is a Canadian company so we can get their stuff in every salon - I was really surprised to hear that these products are so highly regarded because to us they're just - there. They also have a website where you can order online, and CurlMart carries some of their products.
I use Re:Coil when I want extra puffy hair with my tightest corkscrews possible. I can't use it often because with repeated use, it feels drying. I find it does sometimes feel sticky at first when I use a lot, but my hair eventually absorbs it and it's OK.
RR was a disaster in my hair so I would recommend Re:Coil, but if you already like RR you might find Re:coil very different as it is much heavier and thicker and doesn't spread like RR - it is just a very different product (it also doesn't have much of a scent, if that matters.)
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