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Some of those pictures are so beautiful!!!! Wow!

And the avatar picture of your sister is totally cute At first, I thought it was you.... :P I see that the great curls run in the family.....
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Hey, which pictures are not beautiful? Thiago Fragoso perhaps?

I am not a fan of Holly's hair like the one I posted but I think that is how it looks when it is "not done." So I posted that picture instead of her glamour shots. Sort of for inspiration for curlies who are still working on their routine. I should post her after pictures too. But hey, is her hair on a straw set or texturizer. I read about the straw set but since it looks so natural I was not sure if the magazine was wrong (some hair magazine I was reading in the supermarket).

Yep, that is my older sister (the one with the baby). She does not wear her hair curly usually. Actually it is relaxed now I think. This picture is a few years old. She loves straight hair. I wish I had her hair. Her hair is thick and she has big curls (3b?) that can take stress and not get damage.

I on the other hand have fragile curls. Oh well......

I have to ask her if it is all right to use her picture. I thought it would be fun but now I am thinking she may not like it. I would not want my picture there.....but then again I do not have beautiful hair like she has.
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