Has anyone had good luck with Angell? I tried it a few months ago and hated. I actually was going to try and swap it this week, but just for grins I decided to give it another go. Omgoodness! I am loving it! Ok I varied my routine a little, but basically I wash 1x wk with MBS, the CO then HCC then CO then ACV then CO and on Sunday night I DT (ohh loving the jessicurl WDT and honey!) I have been rinsing upside down with cold water (Thanks Kimberly!) then adding a dime size DevaOne, then the re:coil, scrunch the drips, B&A, scrunch the drips and then Angell. I used way more angell today than yesterday, oversquirted, but both days may hair was great. No frizz today, on a pretty humid day, and yesterday was more natural waves/curles and plenty of volume! whoo hoo. I will post some pictures of today's hair, but it wasn't fully dry so the volume wasn't there yet, but once it dried the volume was great!

Just thought I'd share
2b color treated red hair.
Current routine: Oh honestly it changes so much I'd have to rewrite this daily!
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