Oh well - here's mine lately:

Products -

Deva No-Poo
Beauty Without Cruelty Shampoo and Condish
Giovanni Vitapro Fusion
Kenra Platinum Grooming Pomade
Aveda Hair Detoxifier

Routine -

Use No-Poo pretty much every time I wet, maybe once a week I just do a water scalp massage.

Use lots of BWC condish (a big palmful), slather on, leave while I shower or whatever, then a very quick rinse (warm, then cold) - leaving quite a bit in. Lots of times I wash in the sink, too.

Blot or plop with t-shirty material towel thing.

Spray in a lot of Vitapro and comb through (!) then scrunch to reform curls.

Clip roots.

Diffuse (from bottom, then upside down for canopy) until mostly dry, sometimes spritzing in more Vitapro along the way, scrunching along the way.

Finish ends/canopy with a tiny bit of well emulsified pomade.

Once a week or whenever my hair feels bleah (it's less lately, since I'm using no build-up inducing products), I might use the BWC shampoo. I make sure to leave lots (mostly all) of condish in after that.

Ditto above except once a month for Aveda Detoxifier (for hard water build up).

The end!

Your turn!

coarse, thick 3a
modified cg