We sound like we have similar routines and I use and like Angell. I don't like it that much in the winter but it's awesome for me in the humid summer weather, preferably over a leave-in. I really like Angell. I used it last night together with B&A gel and that's a great combo. I saw a couple of people mention it on here.

eta: http://naturallycurly2.com/phpBB/vie...&highlight=pvp
that's a link to an interesting, informative post about Angell/angell type ingredients that was on here a little while back.
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Thanks Kimmyc for the link, it was very informative. I did leave in some One C both days so maybe that is the reason for the good results. I think I may play around with it and some RR I have left though. I bought some Set it free from curlmart to go with it, so I am anxious to try it. I'm hoping for a little pick me up midday and since awe inspiraling didn't work very well when I tried it once maybe this will.
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