hey you guys
i was wondering after you washed your hair, how do you let it dry.
Do you just let it airdry, or do you diffuse. Wich do you prefer?
And at night, how do you sleep with your hair.
These are some questions im struggeling with, because for the past 2 years or so i've been braiding my hair at night with a bit of leave-in, and also right after i washed it, but im just tired of that. I'm trying to find an easier way to do my hair.

Offcourse i could try to just let it airdry, but im scared that it will turn into a huge frizz ball . And im also kind of new to taking care of my curly hair and im a bit scared to expirement. Althogh i will have to eventually if i want something else.
But i would just like to hear your experiences and also if you have recommendations.
And if there are any people from The netherlands reading this, what kind of products are you using?
Currently I'm using the global choice leave-in condish, and the olive oil from organic roots and for washing i use anything that is available.

thank you guys
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You need to talk to Curly Dutch Girl - she is from the Netherlands.
My hair tends to frizz with airdrying too, but since it is healthier for the hair I have been coming back to it. I find it is OK if I do a bit of diffusing right out of the shower and then do the last 10-20% of my hair, and let it airdry in between absolutely saturated with a good conditioner like Elucence and some oil - it is so moisturized, no more moisture can get in. I also sometimes sit under my hooded dryer set on cool to dry my hair gently. The main ways I can avoid frizz while airdrying are not to touch, scrunch, plop or do anything to my hair till it is dry, and to use conditioners that are heavy enough as light ones will cause frizz, and not to leave in anything with any kind of proteins, jojoba oil or magnesium sulfate (you may be fine with these, but other ingredients may annoy your hair.)
As to night time, I usually do 6-8 loose braids on my dry, oiled, brushed hair, and wrap in a silk scarf and sleep on a satin pillowcase (cotton sucks the moisture out of your hair) and to me that is easy - it's the easiest thing I've done, but I only wash and wet my hair once a week. If you are asking about daily washing, I think most other people do this and can help you - I'm just a freak because I hate the process of hours of hair drying!
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