I want to start a thread about gels that us 2b's use. Please share your thoughts about the gel that you use. Maybe we can help each other out on the quest of the HG.

This is becoming my HG. I love the texture and the suprising soft hold. It took a while for me to get the hang of the application process, but now I have been getting consistent and clumpy results the last 3 weeks. It enhances my waves into curls so well that I can almost pass as a 3A (after diffusing, of course). I love the price, but unfortunately, it isn't available in ALL the neighborhood drug stores around here. I suppose it is relatively new.

This is much more available in my neighborhood drug stores. I layer this on after the 'dual'. It is more like a finishing gel for me. I love the smell, reminds me of my childhood for some reason (my favorite Sanrio bubble gum ) I tired using it as my primary gel but it didn't work as well as the 'dual' does.

ALL IN ALL, I have tried both of these gels separately, but I notice they work better as a team on my hair. I apply these gels on very wet hair, btw.