my sister swears she has a texturizer, does anyone know anything about this (because id love to prove her wrong)?
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I am not sure but I saw her on the Cosby show many years ago (she was at Theo's high school or something) and her hair looked exactly the same. So, I do not think she has a texturizer. Anyone else know?

I think Alison Stewart and Tracee Ellis Ross have texturizers because their curls look looser than they did before.

Someone said that Holly Robinson has a texturizer or a straw set. Anyone know about that?

To me it does not matter. It is their hair and if having a little chemical makes them feel more comfortable about their curls then fine.

This may not be the best choice for me but I am not going to be a chemical nazi and say their hair is less beautiful because it is texturized (not that anyone here says that but I have heard people IRL get snotty when they see celebrities alter their hair texture).

People color their hair so why cannot people texturize.

ETA: Potterville you are posting some great pictures! I love the Danielle and Melanie Brown picture. They have beautiful hair.
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