i am really mad at what i just read at another forum. this forum is for teens and stuff and this girl was asking how to handle her hair cause she said she has black people hair. so i said she should come here and look at the boards for 3c 4a and 4b hair cause of how she decribes her hair and i was so mad at some of the responses she got here are just some.

HAHA sucks for you!!!!!!!! i would hate to have "black girl hair" it looks so ugly and it feels weird. and you cant do anything with it. why dont you just get a weave or a wig or something

try washing it for once... lol

What kind of shampoo do black people use?

i was like how dense are these people i mean even before i came to this board i knew alot about black hair care and that we do wash our hair and take care of it. i can understand if they are white or another culture that doesnt see or handle hair that is 3b and up but still they must have walked by a black hair care aisle and saw a bunch of products. goodness i am just fuming right now lol i should stopp before i go over the edge lol
i think i may have found my HG. Its suave firm control gel the biloge not off and john fridia curls and swirls i am sooooooooooo happy my search is over