Shhh Ava! I CANNOT go and buy one more gel.!! Quit tempting me. I didn't have luck with the Tizz or the Dual, but now that I am back home, they may be worth another try...No, someone please take my keys!!!

Some gels that I have liked are pretty much a ditto to KimmyC's post. I really am liking Angell right now, but I use it over B&A. I love both, but feel like I need a little more hold on the canopy than I get with just B&A alone. I have used (and liked ok) Dep sports gel, got2be spiked up gel. One gel I couldn't get the hang of, but may give it another try is the HE HDG. It so didn't work for me at my mom's, with her well water. But here, who knows. I may need to start looking for the Nexxus POTAR since I keep hearing pretty good things about it...Oh gosh there I go looking for my keys again...
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