The 1-800 number doesn't work? When I called, they sent my stuff right away! What language were they speaking?
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I live near Barry Fletcher's salon and there are dozens of stores in Maryland that are supposed to carry his products so I do not need to order on line. His salon is about 30 minutes away so I may just drive over there.

I was calling nearby beauty supply stores not Barry Fletcher. I prefer not to say what language the beauty store owners were speaking because I know that a few people on this board are of that heritage and I do not want them to think I am stereotyping or singling them out. I will say that the language is not Spanish. Too bad Sallys does not carry his products.

So, Amneris, on a scale 1-10 how do you feel about BF's setting lotion? Which one do you have (there are two formulas)?
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