I've been using a very small amount of Devacurl Low-poo every week or two, no other shampoo but I do conditioner-wash several times a week, with V05 Camomile Tea conditioner at the moment. I use either Elucence MBT conditioner or Aloeba, with Too Shea on the ends.

I use Curl Keeper and some Gelebration spray under all styling products. I rotate stylers according to the weather and my mood. The current lineup is Re:coil, Boots cream, Abba Botz cream, HE Humidity Defying Gel, Aussie Gel + Water, and Batia & Aleeza gel.

It sounds as if your hair is not as dry as mine -- mine does not tend to get greasy and weighed down. Of these stylers, I'd suggest either B&A gel or Abba Botz as being the lightest of the group.