My hair seems to be going through the "1-Hit Wonder" stage the last few days . I just started using Curl Keeper, so I'm trying new things. I'll try it under one of my gels and be so excited 'cos my hair looks good. Next day, same combo and nothing . I think since I got my hair trimmed the other day is part of the reason. Or it could be the increasing humidity here in southeast Texas.

I wish I could give such good descriptions as you gals, but sometimes after my hair is dry and I have to arrange it, it ends up looking like I've brushed it. This is whether I use my hands or a microfiber towel after it's dry. It's getting frustrating .

Anyway, these are the gels that I use pretty often, in no particular order:

Garnier Fructis XXL Volume Weightless Gel


Aussie Tizz No Frizz (might get the Dual+Water and try that Ava)

ABBA Weightless Gel

Aura Hypo-allergenic Gel

Suave Biolage Gelee knockoff

FOTE w/honey or mixed with a gel

Rocking Ringlets

Gelebration Spray

All over Curl Keeper.

That's all I can think of at the moment (I'm at work).

I did use Ice Whip over CK the other day and liked it .. maybe my hair needs mousse during the summer :headscratch:headscratch.gif .
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