my curls are naturally somewhat stringy, so i have been (somewhat fruitulessly) trying to find the best way to dry my hair to get really clumpy curls! so far this is what i've done & the results:

plopping: gives me curl at the roots, but definitly not clumpy curls

just scrunching: good clumpy curls, but frizzy and undefined at the roots

combing through and then scrunching in product: nothing special, just kinda stringy curls and not much curl at roots, but much less frizz & more defined than just scrunching.

"turban"esque wrap: works fairly well sometimes, sometimes not.

one day i had these AMAZING clumpy curls... wow it was really the best hairday of my life!! haha. i gotta get some of those pictures in my flickr album. anyways, i hate myself now because i totally forgot what routine i used that day... grr...